News release of new product

Innovation and reform takes the lead
Connal 2016 "Capture Shield" Oil-fume Extractor Release Meeting came to a successful end

Innovation and reform takes the lead
Achieve innovation after overcoming countless difficulties
Only those with courage dare to advance


  Zhejiang Connal Electric Equipment Co. Ltd.  held 2016 Connal Kitchen Appliance "Capture Shield" Oil-fume Extractor Release Meeting in Cixi Platinum Hanjue Hotel on August 2, 2016. The theme of the news release is that "Innovation and reform takes the lead". We discussed the marketing management policy together dealers from all over the country to witness the release of new product.


  Before the release of new product, Connal invited Mr. He Ye, special lecturer of Marketing and Management College of Peking University for training and guidance on the site. The lecture by Mr. He Ye is both typical and practical according to the actual sales situations to carry out sales management training for dealers.


  Afterwards, Zhang Ke, the responsible person of the After-sales Service Department, Wang Haoyu, the responsible person of the Sales Department and Chen Feijie, the responsible person of marketing promotion from Connal presented their work plan of the last half year and of the next half year. Based on the market context, Zou Jiefeng, General Manager of Connal presented unique opinions for long-term development of the Company according to the modern enterprise operation philosophy and philosophizing.


  As an important part of release of Connal product, the formal release of oil-fume extractor pushed the meeting its climax and the "Capture Shield" was unveiled nobly in the micro film AD.


  Zou Jiefeng, General Manager of Connal, explained the development ideal of the new product to dealers and that Connal staff had absorbed experience from failure, made continuous improvement and been not afraid of trouble according to the market and consumer demands. The personalized oil-fume extractor centering on lifting capture system came to the market in the end. Connal "Capture Shield" is the outcome of creation ideal of Connal staff and craftsman spirit.


  Mao Jiayu, the training lecturer of Connal explained "Capture Shield" oil-fume extractor to dealers. The original lifting capture system of "Capture Shield" matches with 20m3 of ultra-large suction to remove smoke. The closed shield is flawless to ensure no flow backward of absorbed lampblack. In addition to this, the friendly detachable structure can adjust the light belt according to the cooking demands (flexible glazing) and each product detail reflects the humanized design concept.


  The release meeting of Connal "Capture Shield" oil-fume extractor was unveiled in a warm and happy atmosphere and the efforts by Connal staff in innovation goes on. Innovation and reform takes the lead and innovation can be achieved only after overcoming countless difficulties.



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