Beautiful and intellectual ladies
Show their strength in business by their wisdom
Rather than by their beautiful appearance
Queen of 120,000 speaking mothers
Image spokesperson of Connal Capture Shield

Wang Zilin
QUEEN. Brand founder of WANG
Co-founder of TOP HORN team
Holder of neck film design patent
Advanced lecturer of business college
Signing spokesperson of loving taste

  With beautiful appearance and strength, what is she like in life? What is the greatest trouble in the creation process? What is the ideal state in her life? Let's see the character interviewing to Wang Zilin:
  Xiao Qi: As the mother of a two-year old baby and creator of the individual brand, how do you treat the relation between the family and work?
  Zi Lin: Like the fish and water, the cause and the family are improved and supplement each other; my husband and I have reached the agreement to respect each other and understand our respective work; if there is conflict, it shall be coordinated; if it cannot be solved, the family is the first; and the work can be delayed but not gave up.
  Xiao Qi: What is the greatest trouble in the creation process?
  Zi Lin: I think the trouble is the opinion of others; my husband thinks that I stay at home and my friends thinks it is unreliable. I think we must make every effort to do a thing carefully and attentively. I shall give an answer to my family by the time and action; all troubles are not trouble as long as strength and a sunshine heart; and we do not stop the step chasing the dream.
  Xiao Qi: Can you describe your life state in one sentence?
  Zi Lin: You have fun completely and work carefully; you have life and interest with your husband and children; and you are capable of obtaining what you want. If so, one should do some meaningful things to others and the society. And then the life will be perfect.
  Efforts must be made to realize ambitious dream.,Life interest must be developed.



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